2019 Lawn Care Packages


LAWN Care 


Keep your lawn green and weed-free all season long (Program runs May-Sept)

  • 3 fertilizer applications min. using granular and liquid fertilizer

  • 1 broadleaf weed control application

Monthly Payments of $50+GST




Kick start your lawn's health and enjoy a thick, green, water-efficient weed-free lawn by using our 9 step program:

  • 4 fertilizer applications (min.)of controlled release granular and liquid fertilizer to feed your lawn the macro-nutrients it needs in our unique climate

  • 2 broadleaf weed control applications to maintain a healthy weed-free lawn

  • 3 applications of organic biostimulants that build healthy soil to help your lawn defend against insects and disease.  Our organic products enhance plant growth and improve soil quality

Monthly Payments of $65+GST



a blanket application applied by licensed & certified professional to eliminate invasive weeds

From $80+GST

Spring Clean up 

get your lawn off to a great start this spring with our clean up special!

  • Lawn Aeration

  • Power Rake

  • rake and Mow

From $170+GST


  • Reduces Soil compaction 

  • increases root development

  • reduced watering needs

From $80+GST

Power Rake

  • Remove dead thatch from lawn

  • Thatch picked up and bagged

  • Service finished with MOw

From $130+GST

Aeration & Overseeding

  • double aeration for increased seed to soil contact

  • spread Premium grass seed over existing lawn

  • fill in bare spots to improve lawn density

From $160+GST



professional 4 step mowing service delivered on a weekly basis

  • mow

  • string trim

  • edging

  • blow off area

From $25+GST

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